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Comprehensive, Affordable, and Time-Effective Courses

The Tessitura Center for Professional Development (TCPD) provides opportunities to learn the Tessitura application, in a specific area of study, through a variety of course formats.  From virtual classrooms to more in-depth comprehensive courses, students with limited to no experience working with Tessitura will obtain the foundational knowledge, hands-on experience and practical skills to become valued Tessitura users for their organizations.

Each course is taught by highly experienced Tessitura staff instructors, ensuring not only a high degree of teacher assistance for each student enrolled, but also that a broad and deep knowledge of best practices across a wide variety of organizations will inform each course.  

“I can now return to my organization with a new level of expertise.”


Tony Gaughan Palombi, TCPD Graduate
Assistant Director of Constituent Services
John G. Shedd Aquarium

Choose the Course that Fits Your Needs

Two course formats are available, allowing you to pick the course which best fits with your schedule and needs. Comprehensive Courses offer in-depth training of Tessitura configuration and best practices over the course of six weeks. The Comprehensive curriculum begins with 10 virtual lessons, followed by a week-long immersive classroom experience. It culminates in a group project where students use their new skills to design a Tessitura solution to a real-world scenario.  

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Fundamental Courses offer a quick-start curriculum, with the convenience of connecting virtually, on the student’s own schedule. Each three-week course covers basic terminology and structures, and focuses on teaching students how to update, manage and support existing configurations. Instructors are actively involved in online class discussions and are available to answer questions during daily office hours.

Both courses utilize a centralized online learning hub to facilitate an ordered easy-to-follow curriculum, complete with interactive lessons, hands-on exercises in an individual training database, and access to industry seminars and the entire Learning Resources virtual library.

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“Our week in Dallas has really informed us in terms of how we want to implement better business practices. Very helpful!”


Wisteria Fleming Loeffler, TCPD Graduate 
Membership Manager
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Which Course Is Right for Us?


Start learning upon hire x
Courses begin on the 1st Monday of each month
4 courses per year
Overview of basic Tessitura terminology and structures x x
Access to Learning Resources’ entire virtual library x x
Interactive video lessons on fundamental topics x x
Tools to track progress and skills x x
Hands-on exercises in a personal training database  x
Flexible, all-virtual learning schedule  x  
In-depth training on Tessitura configuration   x
50+ hours of in-person intermediate training and lab time   x
In-person networking opportunities with engaged professionals    x
Group forums to connect with classmates   x
Take-home materials to help implement new skills    x

If a Comprehensive Course is right for you, but you need to begin learning Tessitura immediately, register for a Fundamentals Course to get started. We’ll apply the entire cost of the Fundamentals Course to the registration fee for a Comprehensive Course, if enrollment occurs within one year. 

Take your place alongside a growing number of engaged arts and cultural professionals as a TCPD graduate.

We'd love to chat with you about how the Tessitura Center of Professional Development can support your organization.

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