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Standards & Policies

More information to help your support interactions flow smoothly

Transition from Implementation to Support

  • During implementation, the organization should look to their Tessitura Implementation team for Tessitura troubleshooting advice and training.  The implementation team will involve Tessitura Support on behalf of the organization where appropriate. NOTE: RAMP licensees are given limited TASK access during implementation so that they can directly assist in configuring their hosted environment.
  • Shortly before going live with Tessitura, the organization will be introduced to Tessitura Support services and will have the opportunity to designate their support contacts.
  • The Tessitura Support Administration team will supply the designated support contacts with their personalized TASK login information and detailed instructions for using TASK and contacting Tessitura Support by phone.
  • The organization should then look to Tessitura Support for assistance with Tessitura issues related to live functionality.
  • The Implementation team will continue to assist with remaining projects still in the implementation phase.
  • Assistance for all Tessitura issues is provided by Tessitura Support post-implementation.

Should I Contact Support?

Should I contact Support? Or Consulting? Or look for help on the forums?

  • The community forums are a way for Tessitura users to exchange ideas; how features are being used, how best practices are developed, who has tackled challenges in different ways, and advice about industry-related issues are perfect Forum topics.
  • The forums are not intended to replace Tessitura Support. Contact Tessitura Support about errors received in a Tessitura-related application, when functionality does not behave as expected, or when you have questions about using any Tessitura functionality. Most questions and troubleshooting are best handled by submitting a TASK ticket.  Report critical, system-down issues by calling the customer care number for your region.
  • Creating and troubleshooting custom code, diagnosing web performance problems and providing in-depth training are beyond the scope of Tessitura Support. When these needs arise, contact our consulting team to discuss your requirements.

Software Releases & Patches

Are you up to speed? Review important technical information about the most current Tessitura release and the previous release while it remains officially supported.


The Tessitura Roadmap is the major focus of product development for the Tessitura platform, and the Web Products Roadmap is the driving factor behind the product development for TN Express Web and TN Mobile Plus. Smaller enhancement ideas for all products can be submitted via TASK by users holding personalized TASK logins.

TASK is available from any browser at https://tessitura.nfpondemand.com. Designated users can also access TASK by clicking on the link in the sidebar at the left.