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Host Tessitura in the Cloud

We manage your Tessitura infrastructure so you can focus on your business

Access your Tessitura system via the cloud

We offer the option to host and deploy Tessitura via the cloud, allowing you to access your Tessitura system wherever there is Internet and eliminate the need for major hardware investment or internal database administration. Tessitura's Remote Access Managed Plan (RAMP) service works for organizations of all sizes and gives you access to the same comprehensive functionality that is available when you host Tessitura on site.

Who Can Benefit From Hosting

Are you wondering if cloud hosting is right for your organization? Organizations of all sizes choose to implement Tessitura via our RAMP hosting service. You may want to consider RAMP if you:

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    Want to streamline your Tessitura upgrades and maintenance

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    Wish to outsource setup and administration of your Tessitura environment

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    Prefer not to procure and operate your own server hardware

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    Have limited IT staff, or prefer to keep your technology team focused on other business needs

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Services Provided

RAMP Hosting includes comprehensive support and services to keep Tessitura running smoothly so you can focus on your business goals.

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    Server hardware procurement and provisioning, including additional disk storage space, as needed

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    Microsoft SQL licenses, ongoing administration and technical support

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    Ongoing Tessitura support and maintenance, including streamlined upgrades and timely application of patches

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    24x7 support and monitoring

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    PCI compliant database and secure desktop deployment

“We have noticed a big improvement in a lot of ways. We don’t worry about our data and hardware anymore. That is totally out of our hands now. So it leaves us to focus on our desk jobs without having to deal with things that we are not experts at.”

Karen Ainey,
Royal & McPherson Theatres Society

“Having RAMP is ‘set it and forget it.’ It means that we don't have to worry about connectivity. It means if there's a problem or a question, there's an immediate source of information at any time we want it, and we can focus on actually using the system instead of keeping it running.”

Gabe Mangiante,
Signature Theatre

“I am the biggest fan of RAMP that you will probably find... With RAMP, I can access Tessitura from anywhere, I can access T-Stats from anywhere, I can make updates while I'm sitting on the subway in the morning.”

Margaret Stockton,
Jazz at Lincoln Center

“[IT staff] are very happy about it, because that gives them the opportunity to focus on other areas... Tessitura, being our mission-critical app, obviously got the most attention whenever it needed it. And other projects now can be addressed by IT, because everything Tessitura is now being handled by the experts.”

Gary Keehner,
Asolo Repertory Theatre

“Without RAMP, I don't know that we could've upgraded as quickly and frequently as we have. RAMP has really been a huge resource for us... We had someone to call. Whenever there was any kind of issue, there was always someone right on the other side to help us.”

Janna Ellis,
Yale University Consortium

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to access RAMP?

To access RAMP, you only need internal personal computers and local networks, and stable Internet access.

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Do I have to install anything on machines?

You will install a small program on the PCs/laptops that will be used to access RAMP.

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Is RAMP PCI compliant?

Yes, both Tessitura Software and the Hosted RAMP environment are each certified as PCI Compliant. There are still some elements of PCI compliance which require policies and procedures at your location that would need to be addressed at the end user or processing agent level.

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If you want to learn more about RAMP cloud hosting, or if you're ready to get started with RAMP, call us at 888-643-5778 x399 or email us.

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