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History & Culture

“Tessitura allows us to see the life cycle of the customer as they enjoy our estate.”


History & Culture

“Tessitura allows us to see the life cycle of the customer as they enjoy our estate.”

Matt Briney, George Washington's Mount Vernon

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We Understand Historical & Cultural Attractions

Tessitura Network has been providing enterprise technology solutions to cultural and arts institutions since 2001. From cultural and historical attractions to symphony orchestras, from theaters to museums, we provide a single unified system for non-profits to manage CRM and transactions, both online and on-site.

Tessitura Software is a silo-busting product developed from the input of our members. With cultural activities as our inspiration, we built solutions to streamline your business operations, allowing you to harvest data about your visitors and leverage it to increase memberships and revenue. Tessitura’s unified CRM helps you understand and connect effectively with your patrons. Comprehensive functionality across all departments empowers you to improve the visitor experience, maximize your revenue, and build deeper relationships.

Charles Vann headshot

“Working with the Tessitura team on our implementation has been fantastic. They’re responsive, they’re knowledgeable, they are flexible. I couldn’t say enough about how great it has been to work with them.”

QuoteCharles Vann, Director of Sales, Gettysburg Foundation

Bob Oliver

“What we’ve been able to do with Tessitura is expand as we grow as a business — not just expand into new areas, but also make sure we’re getting the maximum benefit from it.”

QuoteBob Oliver, IT Project Manager, The Auckland Project

A large stone building, Auckland Castle, seen from across a green field with tree branches overhead
Two people leaning across an admissions desk at one of the galleries within The Auckland Project.

“Tessitura allows us to achieve our mission by allowing us to see the life cycle of the customer as they enjoy our estate.”

QuoteMatt Briney, Vice President of New Media, George Washington's Mount Vernon


Historical & Cultural Attractions Using Tessitura

Of the 650+ organizations using Tessitura worldwide, more than 90 are historical sites, cultural attractions, museums, science centers, zoos or aquariums. Tessitura is helping all of these organizations improve visitor experience, modernize and streamline their operations, improve loyalty and engagement, and increase revenue.

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, VA

black country living museum

Black Country Living Museum

West Midlands, UK

A group of people walk through an intersection. They are surrounded by tall buildings.

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Chicago, Illinois

this is the alt

Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens

Washington, DC

A 19th-century cannon sits on the grass. Behind it are old gravestones. There is a large tree.

Gettysburg Foundation

Gettysburg, PA

A large house with white columns, framed by large shrubbery

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Nashville, Tennessee

A large white house with ivy growing on it, surrounded by shrubbery, seen in daylight with a blue sky

Historic Hudson Valley

New York State