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Jack Rubin on Leadership

Jack opens TLCC2018 in Orlando with reflections on the power of embracing change

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Jack Rubin

Jack RubinChief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

TitleThe Importance of Leadership


Read/View Time27 min

What is management? What is leadership?

Jack Rubin explores the difference between the management of resources and people, and leadership that seizes opportunities to create positive change.  

Change is the only constant. The question we must all ask is: what strategic challenges do we have because of what is changing around us? How are we responding to these major changes? And how do we embrace the future in order to make the most of it? 

Leadership opportunities are a time when organizations change, thrive, and survive.

Drawing on his experience in business, Jack discusses the importance of sink-or-swim moments. And from seeing firsthand some of the most forward-thinking leaders across the world of arts and culture, he's confirmed that there is no magic potion, no special formula. Every organization, every set of circumstances is unique. Every challenge can be viewed from multiple perspectives.

But there is one common factor: the big opportunity. That is, every organization has the ability to identify ‘the big opportunity’ that could take them from average to outperforming; could transform a service or a product offering from mundane to enticing; could start them on the road to success from a sliding slope of programming decline, to a period of fiscal and artistic success.

Jack highlights three examples of leadership from the Tessitura community, showing us how leaders of arts organizations around the world have made the most of the big opportunities before them.


Jack delivered this talk to more than 1,800 attendees from over 300 arts and cultural organizations at the 2018 Tessitura Learning and Community Conference in Orlando in July 2018.

Jack Rubin

Jack Rubin

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Jack Rubin has led the Tessitura Network since its inception in 2001 after being appointed President by the founding Board.

He has led the company from the initial two person organization of he and Chuck Reif, (head of technology / fellow co-founder), and two license holders, to close to 600 organizations using Tessitura, over 200 Tessitura Network team members, technology and functionality advancements every year, multiple products and services, a global footprint on three continents and across ten countries, and as strong a presence in the museum and cultural attraction sector as the company initially built in the performing arts sector. 

Jack has served in management and leadership roles in both the for-profit and non-profit worlds. Previously, he was CEO and President of an internet-based ticketing and box office software company, Chief Financial and Strategic Officer for www.hotels.com during the period they went public and has also served in CEO, and senior-level management, marketing and strategic officer positions for large publicly-traded companies in various industries and market sectors. Responsibilities included dozens of mergers and acquisitions while with public companies, start-ups, growth initiatives, product development, strategic alliance formations, and management of numerous businesses. 

Jack has also served on non-profit boards and co-chaired a successful technology task force for an educational institution that led to nationally recognized design and implementation of the educational use of technology. Jack has an MBA with distinction from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a BBA summa cum laude from the University of Texas and is also a CPA.

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