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Words of Wisdom from Nine Inspiring Women

Highlighting the ideas of women in the Tessitura community


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On International Women’s Day 2019 we share words of wisdom from nine women in our global community of professionals working in arts, culture, science, and humanties. Enjoy these five-minute TN Inspire! Talks, each presented live at the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference (TLCC).

1. Darryl Van Oudenhove

Consortium Services Manager, Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts

Darryl Van Oudenhove received a standing ovation for her heartfelt talk about the importance of working toward greater diversity and active inclusion. 

“Everyone deserves the chance to marvel at the accomplishments of people like themselves, the chance to be astonished by the realization that they too are capable of great things.”

“We all deserve to be represented and included and inspired,” she asserted in her talk, delivered at TLCC2018 in Orlando, Florida.

watch “inclusivity Matters: Why I Cried when I Watched Wonder Woman” >  

2. Amy Aldrich

Associate Director of Patron Services and Subscriptions, Boston Symphony Orchestra 

In her TN Inspire! Talk at TLCC2017, Amy Aldrich shared how a deeply touching experience formed the model for her life.

“I think it's critical to remember that we are reaching the human spirit daily, in the work that we do.”

“When I think about what we do every day in our own organization,” she continued, “we are really touching people's souls.”

Watch “is Less More, or is More Less?” >  

3. Jade Moore

CRM Specialist, Arts Centre Melbourne

Jade Moore challenged us to rethink assumptions and see the hundreds of stories yet to be discovered in our venues, in her TN Inspire! talk live at TLCC2018.

“Remember everybody has a story — and a story we should never assume just by looking at them. We should be asking ourselves every day, what are our audiences’ stories?” 

Watch “Never Judge an Audience Book by its Cover” > 

4. Alyssa Stone

Community Programs Manager, San Francisco Opera

In this inspiring talk at TLCC2018, Alyssa Stone shared how her passion for making opera accessible to all led to a unique partnership.

“I encourage us to think about how we welcome people to our arts and cultural organizations, but I also encourage us to think about how we can invite people who cannot come to our organizations.”

“When we think about serving all, let’s not forget those who are in an incarcerated population, who are desiring of and needing the arts just as much as everyone else.”

Watch “Opera is the New Black: How Music Transcends Incarceration” >

5. Rachael Magson

Head of Fundraising, Birmingham Hippodrome 

Rachael Magson reminds everyone of the importance of saying thank you. She presented live at TN Inspire! to 1,800+ arts & cultural professionals during TLCC2017 in San Diego, August 2017.

“If we want passionate donors and long-term relationships, we've got to look past the data and offer opportunities to get closer. I'm asking all of you to remember that donors are people too.”

Watch “Donors Are People, Too” >

6. Brittany Martin

Lead Web Developer, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust 

Brittany Martin captivated the audience when she rolled onto the stage at TLCC2017 in San Diego. In her talk, she applied lessons from roller derby to the process of on-boarding employees. “Why not adopt a persona at work?” she asked.

“We all find ourselves in situations where we got to dig down deep and bring out that inner superhero. It can be really handy to be able to push aside your personal traits and become more confident, focused, and a team player.”

WATCH “Ramping Up With Roller Derby” > 

7. Kjersten Schladetzky 

Director of Implementations, Tessitura Network

In her TN Inspire! talk at TLCC2018, Kjersten Schladetzky shared some of the lessons she is learning as she approaches mid-life.

“It’s taken me 38 years to realize it,” she said, “but I am a much better wife, friend, mother, and employee when I take time for myself first. I invite all of you to join me in my selfish revolution and hope that you will find that sometimes being selfish is actually the best thing you can do for everyone in your life.” 

“Sometimes being selfish is actually the best thing you can do for everyone in your life.” 

WATCH “Today’s Mantra is ‘I Am Selfish’” > 

8. Melanie Evans

Guest Services Director, Mystic Aquarium

How can we re-connect with our mission in just five minutes per week, and what difference will that make to our work? Melanie Evans asked this question in her talk at TLCC2017, “Watch a guest’s face when they see a new piece. Watch your patron’s face on opening night, help your greeters, and reconnect with why you went into what you love. Whether you work at a zoo, an aquarium, a theatre, a symphony or an art museum, how can you take five minutes in your week to reconnect and regain your Zen?”

“Reconnect with why you went into what you love. Whether you work at a zoo, an aquarium, a theatre, a symphony or an art museum, how can you take five minutes in your week to reconnect and regain your Zen?”

WATCH “Please Sweat the Small Stuff” >

9. Alison Atkinson 

CRM Project Manager, English National Ballet

After suffering from back problems for years, Alison Atkinson learned that data can reveal solutions to problems in unexpected ways.

“The obvious or accepted solution to a problem is not always backed up by data. By digging a bit deeper, an unexpected answer might come to the surface.” 

WATCH “Puzzled? Let Data Be Your Doctor” > 

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