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Seattle Symphony uses audience research to help target and woo recent transplants

Report from the Wallace Foundation's Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative


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Judith Dobrzynski writes about the Seattle Symphony's initiative to capitalize on the city's tech boom and attract new urban cultural consumers to the orchestra. The Symphony devised three new concert formats under the heading "Listen Boldly," and conducted market research to determine the effectiveness of these new programs. 

Dutch-Japanese pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama joins Seattle Symphony’s Pablo Rus Broseta for a Sonic Evolution concert.

This article is part of a series describing the early work of some of the 25 performing arts organizations participating in The Wallace Foundation’s $52 million Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative. Launched in 2015 in response to concerns of a declining audience base for a number of major art forms, the endeavor seeks to help the organizations strengthen their audience-building efforts, see if this contributes to their financial sustainability, and develop insights from their work for the wide arts field.

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Photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki
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