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Tessitura adds game-changing business intelligence tools to its comprehensive software platform


Tessitura Network released the latest version of its flagship software on October 9, 2018. 

Tessitura Version 15.0 includes powerful new business intelligence tools. Tessitura Analytics is built on an industry-leading data analysis platform and is natively integrated with Tessitura. It offers an intuitive, visual approach to understanding the comprehensive transaction and CRM data that Tessitura holds.

Tessitura Analytics includes ten prebuilt dashboards designed to give arts and cultural professionals a strategic start to organizing their data and surfacing insights. In an easy-to-use browser interface, users can explore and drill into those dashboards. In addition, users can create an unlimited number of their own visualizations and can perform ad-hoc data analysis.

“Tessitura has made huge investments in our business intelligence tools because we understand the importance of data and its role in modern decision making.” 
— Tessitura CEO Jack Rubin

Mary French of the Atlanta Ballet said of the prebuilt dashboards, “It’s nice to have that out-of-the-box great visual instantly, and a quick win for seeing what’s going on across the board.”

Another key feature of Analytics is that the data insights are actionable. For example, a user can start with a high-level dashboard, drill down to the level of individual patrons — and then use that list for email or other communications. This capability makes it easier than ever for arts and cultural organizations to become more data-driven in their decision making.

Tessitura Analytics

An example of an interactive dashboard in Tessitura Analytics 

“Tessitura has taken the time to understand what organizations would really ask of their data,” said Siorna Ashby of the Roundhouse Trust. “When we open up Analytics, Tessitura have already created dashboards for us that we can then customise and drill into any way we want to.”

“By Tessitura providing us these dashboards, we can then start asking better questions,” Ashby adds.

“By Tessitura providing us these dashboards, we can then start asking better questions.”
— Tessitura user Siorna Ashby

John Jakovich, Vice President of Business Intelligence at Tessitura, said: “Tessitura Analytics is a powerful analytics toolset that will empower our users to see data in new and different ways.

“Tessitura has made huge investments in our business intelligence tools,” said CEO Jack Rubin, “because we understand the importance of data and its role in modern decision making. We are delivering the tools that instantly make data-driven culture more accessible that ever. That, in turn, empowers our users around the globe to make smart decisions and help their organizations thrive.”

Version 15.0 also includes several other features, such as Windows-integrated logins. A new Processing Service replaces and consolidates the function of both the Tessitura Print Server and Report Server. Report Setup utility functions have been integrated into the main Tessitura application. Finally, v15 includes certain database changes to facilitate the deployment of Tessitura in more robust database infrastructures.

Tessitura does not charge its members for upgrades, new versions are included as a benefit of membership in the nonprofit cooperative company. Updates are provided in monthly service packs. Comprehensive documentation and learning resources are available to all users.


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