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Tessitura announces the release of Version 14.1 of its flagship software


Tessitura Network announced the release of Version 14.1 of its flagship software on February 8, 2018.

Tessitura Version 14.1 introduces features designed specifically to ease compliance with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulations. These features include:

  • Easy to use Contact Permission functionality compliant with the UK Data Protection Act;
  • The ability to purge personally identifiable data, complying with the right to be forgotten provisions of the GDPR;
  • Functionality to easily restrict access to data for protected individuals.

In a conversation anticipating the new release, Chris Campbell, Business Intelligence Manager at Grange Park Opera, noted, “In Version 14.1 of Tessitura, everything will be in place for us to have an out-of-the-box, non-customized system that is compliant with this new legislation, which is going to be wonderful.”

CEO and Co-Founder Jack Rubin commented on this milestone, “The Tessitura Network, in keeping with our mission to enable our many users to be successful and productive, carefully researched GDPR requirements, conducting interviews and discussions with many users, including many who had detailed outside advisory reviews. The capabilities that Tessitura Software enables, combined with the business practices and policies our users are adopting, enable their compliance with these game-changing regulations.”

Tessitura v14.1 also integrates Lists and Output Sets, giving those list creation features a new, streamlined workflow as well as a fresh web-based user interface design. Other new features include a time-saving utility to build performances and packages in bulk to replicate dates and set-up options across multiple days, and a new option to install Tessitura in Point-to-Point Encryption Only Mode for Credit Card Data, This option would prevent the entry of any credit card data except through encrypted card readers or EMV devices.

Tessitura v14.1 incorporates all features that were introduced with Tessitura v14.0, including Resource Scheduling — the ability to reserve rooms, supplies, personnel, and other items. Other highlights introduced in v14.0 include HTML templates for sending emails such as order confirmations and forgotten login credentials and a new Attendance History screen to enhance the Ticket History.

Tessitura does not charge its users for upgrades; new versions are included as a benefit of membership in the nonprofit cooperative company. Full v14.0 and v14.1 Help Systems are available to all users.

Image above: Chuck Reif, Senior Vice President of Technology, spoke at the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference in August 2017 to reveal functionality coming in future versions of the Tessitura Software.


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