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Marketing the Experience to Connect with Wider Audiences

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georgia rivers

Georgia RiversSales and Marketing Director, Opera Australia

TitleMarketing the Experience to Connect with Wider Audiences


Read/View Time18 min

Opera Australia is broadening its appeal to new audiences by marketing and delivering an exceptional cultural experience.

This talk was recorded live at the Australia/New Zealand Tessitura Regional User Conference (ANZTRUC) in Sydney in 2016.

One of the newer challenges of marketing arts and culture is the general public’s increasing lack of familiarity with the work and artists presented on our stages, in our halls, and in our galleries. Still, for many, the experience of attending a cultural event retains a hint of magic, an aura of specialness. As marketers, can we expand our audiences by recognizing and responding to these trends?

"Without changing the product, we’ve changed what we sell.  …we’re following the customers. They are way ahead of us, already using our product to fulfil needs we haven't considered, never mind promoted."

TIS Georgia Rivers 2016 Featured Image

Pop-up foyer bars add to the experience by allowing patrons to socialize before the show and during intermission.

Georgia believes that we're entering a new era for arts marketing and shares examples of how Opera Australia is adapting by marketing the experience to reach wider audiences. Click on the play button above to watch the talk.

georgia rivers

Georgia Rivers

Sales and Marketing Director

Opera Australia

Georgia Rivers has 20 years’ experience as marketing manager of leading performing arts companies in Australia and the UK, including Opera Australia, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Symphony, Music at Oxford and Aldeburgh Music.

She has tertiary qualifications in music, digital media and arts management, and a Masters of Business in Marketing. Georgia attends many performances and is a member of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs.


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