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Resource Scheduling

Integrated Tools to Manage Rooms & Resources

Manage room reservations, volunteer schedules, education bookings & more

Everything you need for room & resource scheduling

Tessitura includes room and resource scheduling to make it easy for you to assign people, places and things to activities within a ticket order.

Create & Manage Bookings

With Tessitura, you can reserve rooms, people, and items at specified dates and times to support educational programming, group visits, and other miscellaneous reservations, such as birthday party packages.


Create & Manage Resources

Use Tessitura to define specific resources, set availability, and block busy times. For volunteers and staff, you can define specific qualifications to ensure a good fit between event-related needs and the people you are assigning.

Manage Resources

Create & Manage Bookings

Create new bookings from a template for frequently-used configurations, or from scratch for one-off events. Each booking is tied to a ticket order to make it easy to find, edit and manage bookings as needed.


Assign Resources to Bookings

Easily view schedule entries and booking assignments for resources in a calendar or list format. When a resource is assigned, Tessitura automatically checks for conflicts with other assignments, available capacity, and the available and busy times defined for the resource.

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Resource Assignments

Self-Service Volunteer & Staff Scheduling

Self-service scheduling tools for volunteers and staff that work from any device

Volunteer Schedule
  • calendar-icon

    View assignments in month, day, week or list view

  • Doc-Check

    Manage schedules by setting availability or blocking busy times

Comprehensive Reporting

Tessitura includes over 200 standard reports, including reports dedicated to resource scheduling that can be viewed on any device.

  • list

    Review an overview of bookings and assignments, including TBD assignments

  • Doc-Check

    Review which resources are in use on a particular date or work on assignments that still need a resource assigned

  • calendar-icon

    Review the schedule for a particular date or the availability and busy schedules for particular resources

  • documents-icon

    An unlimited number of custom reports can be added to meet specific needs


Third-Party Integrations

Need venue management that goes beyond what Tessitura offers? Tessitura’s ecosystem of trusted partners includes venue management systems that are integrated with Tessitura.

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