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A Unified Solution to Power Membership & Loyalty Programs

Robust capabilities to grow your membership, loyalty, or giving level programs

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Flexible, Unified Sales Interface

Tessitura makes it easy to sell, renew, and upgrade memberships. Tessitura’s robust membership management capabilities are unified in real time with all the software’s other features: CRM, ticketing, reporting, marketing, and more.

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    Memberships can be processed through any channel: online and on mobile, and in-person at the desk, from tablets, at kiosks, and more

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    Membership benefits and discounts apply automatically when a membership card is scanned or a membership number is entered.

  • shopping cart

    Combine memberships with tickets, admissions, programs, and other items in a single, unified transaction.

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    Tessitura’s unified systems allows you to track benefits and entitlements throughout your organization.

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    Tessitura handles an unlimited number of membership programs and levels with flexible, configurable options for annual giving, renewals, mid-year upgrades, and benefit/entitlement handling.

“We're seeing very strong results with our loyalty programs. We've increased our student attendance from 1.8 times per year to 5.5 times per year. We've built a program for young professionals that gets them coming 12 times a year.”


Jim Sector, Assistant Director of Loyalty Marketing
The Cleveland Orchestra

Improved Customer Service

Memberships are linked to customer accounts in real time, which helps your staff provide better service.

Member benefits are applied and recognized immediately

Membership status is visible universally so that staff in any department can know to give appropriate treatment to members who call or visit

With one integrated database, you can offer special access to members such as exclusive events or pre-sales, and recognize different member types to apply appropriate pricing to their transactions

Simplify your customer interactions, because tickets, contributions, and sales of any kind can be combined in one seamless transaction

“When our donors log in, they automatically receive their member benefits. We've never been able to offer that before; it's always been an honor system. So now we're able to offer our members exclusive pricing. We just recently rolled out a members-exclusive window to buy tickets for an upcoming event.”


Angela Hodges, Advancement Services Supervisor
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Integrated Scanning

Validate membership cards and track attendance with N-Scan, Tessitura’s integrated access control scanning and engagement tracking service.

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    Validate and record attendance based on barcoded membership cards, single tickets, and more

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    N-Scan is fully integrated with Tessitura in real time, so you can get real-time sales and attendance data both through Tessitura and directly on the handheld scanning device

  • Message

    Offer special messaging for members at point of entry

Learn more about N-Scan access control
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Every membership-related transaction can be self-service on the web, on mobile, and beyond

Two mobile phones showing membership screens from MCA Chicago
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    Members can log in on any device to renew, purchase tickets, redeem pre-sale offers and special discounts, and manage their accounts

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    Memberships are unified with tickets, subscriptions, and other activity in a single shopping cart

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    Streamline your members’ arrival process with digital membership cards

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    Offer Tessitura-integrated kiosks to streamline transactions for your members

Learn more about online & mobile solutions

“We have over 10,000 members and we have high-traffic events at which we need to get the members through the door very quickly. [Our app] went live one month ago and we're seeing our members use it pretty quickly. In just a month, we have close to 1,000 downloads already.”


Travis Hancock, Web Manager & Content Coordinator
Honolulu Museum of Art

Flexible Membership Management

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    Unlimited number of membership programs and levels

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    Configurable options for annual giving, renewals, mid-year upgrades, and benefit/entitlement handling

  • coins

    Offer memberships at a fixed price or with a range for each level.

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    Memberships can be discounted and/or extended.

  • renewals

    Memberships may be renewed or upgraded to any level at any time. If upgraded, member benefits are recognized immediately at the new level.

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    Once a customer logs in, Tessitura knows if they have a pre-existing membership that is eligible for renewal or not.

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    Offer instant, personalized member discounts and benefits that can vary by membership type, level, or other criteria.

“Our members are able to purchase tickets before the general public. Your membership level determines when you can go online to purchase your tickets. Instead of 50,000 people buying tickets all at once, we could spread it out over three weeks before it hits the general public.”


Matt D'Silva, Database Manager
Film Society of Lincoln Center

Membership Cards

Tangible reminders of your members’ connection to your organization

Printed membership cards (front and back) and a mobile membership card for Honolulu Museum of Art
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    Design paper, plastic or digital membership cards with your messaging and brand.

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    Let members skip the line: Scan member cards directly at entry points to validate the membership and track attendance.

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    Instant photo membership card option eliminates the need for members to show a separate photo ID.

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    Scan member cards to validate and track usage of donor lounges and other members-only areas.

Learn More about Photo Membership Cards

Unified CRM Maximizes Revenue

Tessitura's truly unified CRM is a vitally important tool for increasing and maximizing revenue.

  • shopping cart

    Visitor data can dynamically impact the cart, so it's easy to process special offers for members or upsell membership to non-members

  • unified

    Tessitura automatically records all member history, including transactions and renewals, admissions, program registrations, other donations, and visits

  • Message

    Send personalized communications and offers based on data in the visitor record, taking advantage of new opportunities to deepen the relationship

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    Tessitura's full picture of your relationship with each member helps you identify opportunities to maximize revenue

Learn more about our unified CRM

“Tessitura helps us build lasting relationships with our members. Our membership department can look at purchase trends and use that information to acquire new members or drive membership renewals.”


Mark Boyer, Director of Guest Services
Perot Museum of Nature & Science

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