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Target Every Communication Effectively

Leverage a 360-degree view of your customers for personalized & efficient marketing

Powerful Marketing Tools

Harness a full understanding of your patrons to personalize your marketing, target your messages, automate promotions, and more.

Target Your Communications

Tessitura’s unified CRM gives you a 360-degree view of each visitor’s behavior across your organization, all of which can be leveraged for marketing campaigns. Take advantage of data in any of the following areas to design detailed, targeted campaigns:

MSO flash sale email
  • calendar-icon

    Ticketing and Admissions

  • tickets

    Packages and Subscriptions

  • card-icon


  • grid


  • cap


  • list

    Survey Responses

  • multiple-devices-icon

    Sales Channel

  • Message

    Responses to Previous Campaigns

  • letter

    Email Interaction Behaviors

Learn more about integrated email marketing with Tessitura.

“We rely on Tessitura on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to capture the metrics that we use to assess how we’re doing against our marketing plan and strategic plan goals. It’s really integral to our work.”


Amy Catanzaro, Director of Sales 
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Multi-Channel Campaigns Reach Any Patron, Anywhere

Tessitura enables you to target specific customers and segment lists for highly focused, effective marketing messages that can be carried out through any channel, at any point of sale.

Get your messages out across every channel and point of sale: SMS, push notifications, email, social media, and direct mail

Promotions take effect in any sales channel, however you want to implement them: promo codes, direct links, or automatically, triggered by customer data or cart contents

Promotions can be triggered by personalized links, customer data, cart contents, a promo code, and more

Automate digital communication to respond to customer activity: retarget, upsell, and cross-sell

Mobile Engagement

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your patrons on any digital platform

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    Unlock special content at an event or in your facility

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    Location-based targeting lets you reach patrons based on whether they are near or in your facility

  • checkmark-icon

    Incentivize on-site mobile sharing

Learn more about mobile solutions

Social Marketing

Make sure to be where your customers spend their time.

  • share1

    Encourage social sharing during the purchase process and on site

  • share1

    Leverage your Tessitura data to target your social campaigns

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    Facebook Connect lets your customers log into TN Express Web with their Facebook credentials, removing a barrier to your purchase path

Learn more about Digital Solutions

“We just finished our best season in ticket sales in over a decade. A big part of that is that we're leaps and bounds in terms of understanding our customers,: the shows they want to see, when they want to see them, the price they're willing to pay, how they're hearing about us. And the results have been exemplary.”


Sean Wright, Executive Director
The Grand

Pull the Perfect List Every Time

Extractions functionality lets you target the people you want.

  • list

    Build lists based on multiple criteria

  • list

    Segment your lists to target each sub-group individually

  • list

    Randomize segments for easy A/B testing

  • list

    Use suppressions to make sure you don’t target the wrong people

extraction count report screenshot

“Because we've had Tessitura since 2005, we're able to look at over 10 years' worth of history and tell people's story and what they're doing, across Yale, for any of the organizations using Tessitura. And that's been meaningful in many, many ways.”


Janna Ellis, Director, Yale Tessitura Consortium
Yale University

Instant Insight Into Your Data

Robust business intelligence and data analysis tools make it easy to conduct in-depth analysis and help you make better decisions, with dashboards that put key business metrics at your fingertips.

Interactive dashboards in Tessitura Analytics, showing a vertical bar chart at the top, a circular chart at the bottom left, and a radial chart at lower right.
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    Dashboards offer visualizations for sales, memberships, and more

  • checkmark-icon

    Sales trend comparisons and time period comparisons

  • checkmark-icon

    Hotseat index to map out the most popular or most lucrative seats

  • checkmark-icon

    Cumulative sales with a 30-day spark line and percent of goal bullet chart

  • checkmark-icon

    Drag-and-drop interface lets you design your own detailed reports in seconds

  • checkmark-icon

    Generate graphs, charts, maps, and other visualizations with just a few clicks

  • checkmark-icon

    Send lists back to Tessitura to drive communications

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    All these features are included with Tessitura, no add-ons needed

Learn more about business insights

Dynamic Pricing

What can you do?

Increase Revenue

Review the overall performance of past shows to determine whether pricing for the current inventory is on target

Easy to configure

Review the actual paid yield for past performances to inform your pricing decisions.

Included with Tessitura

Analyze the popularity of specific seating locations for past performances to inform current and future pricing decisions

Dynamic Pricing

Change Pricing

Change pricing at any time in response to changing demand.


Set up timed schedules for anticipated pricing changes or make changes on the fly

Break Out Increases

Isolate price increases to break out and analyze the incremental revenue

Flexible Pricing Options

Price Zone Maps

Build your own price zone maps for easy scaling of ticket prices


Manage and report on discounts driven by promotion codes

Editable Prices

Make some prices editable, setting a default price and a minimum price, so your operators with proper security rights can change prices on demand

Yield Management

Re-zone Seats

Re-zone seats to a higher-or lower-priced zone in response to demand

Hold Back Seats

Hold back seats to sell at a later time for a premium price

Hot Seat Index

See and analyze which seats in your venue have the potential to generate the most revenue using a graphical hot seat index

Learn more about dynamic pricing

Extend Tessitura's capabilities with our integrated dynamic pricing partners.

“Tessitura has improved the way we do business in multiple ways. It has allowed us to be much more flexible with our pricing. In our first year alone, we were able to bring in almost $140,000 in incremental revenue on tickets.”


Jennifer Buzzell, Director of Marketing & Sales
Signature Theatre

Measure Everything

Tessitura tracks all your marketing efforts so you know exactly what’s working – and what’s not

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    Transactions are automatically tied back to each campaign, making it easy to see who you’re reaching and how much revenue you’re generating

  • checkmark-icon

    Track all sales channels – online, mobile, walk-up, phone – so that you can analyze trends and adjust your strategy

  • checkmark-icon

    Record and track expenses to measure ROI

  • checkmark-icon

    Changes to pricing in Tessitura are tracked, allowing you to report on the impact of price changes to inform future pricing decisions

  • checkmark-icon

    Compare the effectiveness of various appeal strategies over different campaigns

  • checkmark-icon

    Illustrate income flows (month by month) over different campaigns.

  • checkmark-icon

    Demonstrate which marketing efforts generated revenue for a particular campaign

  • checkmark-icon

    Perform A/B testing by easily randomizing segments when pulling lists

“The data that you get is so important for driving decisions. We always want to know: How's the return on investment going? Are we segmenting and targeting as many people as we can? And Tessitura just does that kind of stuff standing on its head.”


Matthew Hodge, Marketing Manager, Database & CRM 
Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Flexible web approach allows your brand to shine

GIF rotating through four different websites
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    You have complete control over your website and branding on desktop, tablet, and mobile

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    Tessitura offers a cloud-based service for integrated, responsive transactions and engagement for web and mobile

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    Utilize the industry’s most flexible API to enable seamless interaction between your Tessitura system and your website for transactions, feeds, information gathering, and more

Learn more about online & mobile solutions

Telemarketing Tools

Make the most of your telemarketing budget

  • Leverage Tessitura’s detailed CRM data to target your asks to specific customer behaviors
  • Generate lead sheets from Tessitura
  • Tessitura can integrate with call center technologies to feed lead data
  • Track your results and adjust your strategy accordingly
  • Take advantage of tools like CSIs (Customer Service Issues) and Plans to track telemarketing asks 

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