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data protection

Features designed to keep your data protected

Fine-tuned contact permissions

screenshot of Contact Permissions in constituent record
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    Easily configure which categories and permissions to track

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    Supports a granular or a broad approach to permissions, as desired

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    Automated prompts in any transaction path help keep your data current

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    Date tracking lets you know when there are expired or unasked permissions

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    Integrated into all sales channels, including the online purchase path

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    Track permissions for partner organizations, such as outside presenters in your venue

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“Had we tried to become GDPR compliant without Tessitura, we wouldn’t have had a hope.”


Peter Dickinson
Head of Communications and Audience Insight, Science Museum Group 

Protected individuals

See the operational data needed to do your job while protecting these individuals' personal information

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    Enjoy the flexibility to set up protection types as needed, such as Young Person or Protected Adult

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    Only users with appropriate access can see those individuals' names and other personal data

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    Protected individuals’ data will be obscured from search, household relationships, lists, output sets (as seen in this screenshot), and common reports

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    This feature can work across a consortium to ensure these individuals are protected consistently across all member organizations

Screenshot - protected individual in a list

Right to be forgotten

When a constituent requests to be forgotten, the Purge Constituent utility makes it easy to comply

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    Purge utility deletes personally identifiable data from the system: names, contact points, research, event guests, and more

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    Non-identifiable data such as historical transactions will be kept intact to maintain the integrity of statistics and financial data

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    Review scheduled purges to see warnings for potential issues, such as active memberships, upcoming activities, or outstanding payments

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    Built-in reporting lets you review scheduled purges to see who cannot be purged because of pending transactions or legally required Gift Aid data

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    Utility includes a report for notifying third parties of data that is being purged so that they can remove that data as well

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    Easily control who has the ability to purge personally identifiable data

Customer preferences extend natively to all marketing tools


Lists & Extractions

Contact permissions are fully integrated into marketing tools such as Lists and Extractions, so all the data you pull out of Tessitura can seamlessly utilize those permissions.


Contact Permissions in TNEW

Add-on component for TNEW (both v6 and v7) allows for easy collection of contact permissions in the purchase path

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Your website, your language

You control all customer-facing opt-in messaging, including where it falls in the TNEW purchase path

Your Partner in Compliance

Tessitura has always allowed users to manage and track the data you hold, as well as to understand where it came from. With the release of Version 14.1, Tessitura includes several features designed specifically to enable compliance with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulations. These capabilities have been developed based on extensive research and study, as well as valuable input from a large working group of Tessitura users in the UK.  

One of the key requirements of GDPR is to document what data an organization holds, where it came from, whom its shared with, and how and under what basis the data are processed. Because of that, GDPR compliance is best facilitated with an approach that unifies customer data in a single system. Tessitura, because it centers around a single database of record for all personal data across the organization, is uniquely suited to support compliance. 

Please note that functionality is only part of the equation. Organizations will need to put in place additional business processes, such as customer communications, in order to be compliant. We urge all licensees to seek their own guidance on GDPR compliance, including your own business practice and process advice, so that you can take the necessary steps to be compliant and be able to use all the data gathered to help run your organizations successfully. 

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