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Business Intelligence

From Data to Decisions

Tessitura’s business intelligence platform organizes data and surfaces information, enabling easy analysis and instant insights.

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A Unified View of Your Data

Harness the power of your Tessitura data with an innovative suite of tools that can guide you to better decisions. We have done all of the work to ensure that you have access to the information you need.

Screenshot of Analytics dashboards
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    Fully integrated with your Tessitura CRM and transactional data

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    Includes built-in logic so data is consistent

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    A comprehensive approach for organizing information across all departments

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    Surfaces information on trends and behaviors

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    Enables self-service visual analysis

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    Reveals the insights that are important to your organization

Insights Delivered Day One

12 pre-built dashboards are curated to address common questions and goals for arts and cultural organizations

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    Important revenue metrics at your fingertips — tracking both contributed and earned revenue

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    Attendance patterns — with built-in comparisons to previous years’ averages

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    Access all your transactions – even parse your GL for additional granularity

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    Best practice dashboard configurations — the right visualization to highlight key information

Analytics Dashboard

“Tessitura Analytics is going to help me dive in deeper and discover new ways of looking into the data, helping us be successful in the future.”


Amy Catanzaro, Director of Sales
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Discover More with Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards in Tessitura Analytics
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    Drive high-level strategic decision making with flexible, advanced dashboards

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    Modify, design and share dashboards across users and departments

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    Interactive filtering, sorting, drill-down capabilities enable visual data discovery

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    Configurable notifications keep you abreast of key moments and milestones

Explore Your Data with Self-Service Visual Analysis


Design Dashboards


Advanced Pivot Tables


Interactive with Lists

Tell your data story by designing your own widgets and dashboards.

Take your pivot tables to the next level.

Enhance your analysis by overlaying lists of identified customers onto your dashboard. Make your dashboards actionable by exporting the customers from any widget to a Tessitura list.

“Both marketing and development departments have been able to plug into how to use lists and extractions and metrics to target campaigns at the right people, at the right time, and track the success of various campaigns.”


Mark Elliott, Director of Sales & Marketing
Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Access the Information You Need with Reports & Ad Hoc Queries

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    Over 200 standard reports with flexible parameters can be run instantly or scheduled for automated delivery

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    Add an unlimited number of custom reports to tailor Tessitura to your needs using standard SQL tools

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    Create, retrieve and view your data in a single workflow using an intuitive query tool

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    Target communications with segmented lists that integrate with your digital channels

Screenshot of ad hoc queries in Analytics

“Tessitura enabled a richer, instant reporting insight. Previously, the marketing department had to get reports custom written any time they wanted to understand anything about anything."


Claire Spencer, Chief Executive Officer
Arts Centre Melbourne

Extend Our Platform

With Tessitura, data-driven decision making is within reach. We provide robust capabilities out-of-the-box and the flexibility to extend our technology to meet your business needs. Whether you choose a self-service model or take advantage of full service consulting offerings provided by our experienced team, you can:

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    Create custom reports and include them in the standard Tessitura reporting interface

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    Configure additional data elements for queries and outputs

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    Build personalized dashboards for ad hoc analysis or to track strategic KPIs

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    Extend the Tessitura Analytics platform with custom ETLs and data cubes

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    Integrate relevant third-party data into the Tessitura Analytics platform

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“This is really a powerful platform that allows you to really start slicing and dicing visitor experience, and that’s invaluable.”


Christopher Lentz, Senior Manager of Visitor Services

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