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Ticket Scanning & Access Control

Integrated Wireless Scanning

Access control and more — right in the palm of your hand

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Ticket Scanning and Check-In Features

N-Scan offers you the flexibility to scan tickets and more so you can record attendance in real time right in Tessitura.

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    Scan traditional, print-at-home, and mobile tickets

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    Get mobile in-app ticket delivery with TN Mobile Plus

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    Manage entries to timed admission exhibits, and set a window of time for valid entries

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    Scan student name tags to verify class attendance

“When you tear a ticket, all you do is you tear a ticket. The scanning is so much quicker, and you get so much more information in a short period of time.”


Gordon Kelly, Head Usher
Bass Performance Hall

Composite Tickets

One bar code can represent multiple components of a package. These components can include:

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    General admission

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    Films and other events

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    Special access

“We use composite ticketing for our passes at Tanglewood, so we no longer have to guess at what performances people are attending. We know now that this many people have come into the Shed, or onto the lawn, for a specific concert. It’s been a tremendous help.”


David Winn, Associate Director of Tanglewood Ticketing
Boston Symphony Orchestra

Group Check-In Made Easy

Scan a single bar code to efficiently record attendance for part or all of a group sale.

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    Scan group leader’s confirmation to load the order

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    Type in the number of each kind of ticket you’re checking in, e.g. students and chaperones

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    Repeat as needed if a group arrives in multiple stages


N-Scan for Memberships

Learn more about your members and offer them better customer service

iPhones with mobile membership cards, one with a barcode and one with a QR code.
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    Members can bypass the admission desk and enter the museum directly

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    Track member attendance

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    Validate membership

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    Check membership level and the number of adult, child, or other entries

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    Records scanner data so it can be available for reporting

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    See trends in membership attendance, benefits usage, etc.

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    Membership cards can grant access to special areas

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Real-Time Monitoring

Robust monitoring capabilities let you track what you want to know.

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    Know who is in your venue at any given time

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    Set up alerts so that staff can know when VIPs enter your facility and greet them accordingly

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    Track member attendance patterns

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    View real-time sales and attendance data directly on the handheld scanning device or in Tessitura

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    At-a-glance data includes capacity percentages, the number of visitors currently checked in, sales information, and more

NScan Monitoring

“If there's a professional courtesy visit and I want to know when they arrive, then I'll put it under my name. As soon as those tickets are scanned, I get a text so I know to check in with them and see if there's anything else that they need.”


Jennifer Miller, Guest Services Manager
Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Handle Seating on the Fly

With N-Scan, you can:

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  • seatmap

    View seat availability in real time, by section or entry point.

  • two people

    Prevent double seating problems at the door.

  • magnify

    Check the status of a single seat and see who purchased or reserved it.

  • accessibility icon

    Resolve seating issues on the spot — whether a patron needs wheelchair seating that you hadn’t anticipated or someone with balcony tickets is afraid of heights.

  • seats

    Put seats on hold right from the scanner, so you know they’ll still be available when your patrons reach them.


  • stats2

    See who is using their tickets and who isn’t

  • people-icon

    See trends in member attendance

  • eyeglasses

    Analyze your data to help you make decisions: Plan staffing needs based on seasonal trends, and reach out to subscribers who aren’t using their tickets to connect before they disengage

“Besides scanning tickets to see who's attending and who's not, we're now looking to reach out to those who have not attended. We're trying to get them to let us know why they didn't show up, and let them know about exchange benefits and things of that sort.”


Nicole Keating, Assistant Vice President of Business Intelligence
Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

Special access areas


Use N-Scan to open doors to VIP or donor lounges, backstage tours, complimentary drink vouchers, and more

Flexible Setup Options

Tailor the access control system to your space and your business needs.

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    Manage multiple events in multiple venues

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    Scan on exit to allow for re-entry

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    Provide special access to donor lounges, post-event parties, and more – all with the same barcode

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