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Thought Leadership

Groundbreaking ideas from diverse members of the Tessitura community

Andrew Recinos with some of the props from his talk at TEC2018
bell-iconThought Leadership

How to Think Like a Human

Arts & Culture 28 min

Andrew Recinos weaves together a talk about the human brain, history and technology, and the essential nature of arts and culture

Erin Koppel presenting at Communicating the Museum, October 2018
bell-iconThought Leadership

Let’s Get Serious about Play: Creating Resiliency

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 3 min

Erin Koppel writes about how the elements of play can help the field of arts and culture thrive through change

assorted doughnuts
bell-iconThought Leadership

Planning for High-Volume On-Sales (The Donut Problem)

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Customer Service / Digital / IT & Systems / Technology / Ticketing & Admissions 2 min

Kristin Darrow offers her advice for managing a large ticket on-sale where demand outstrips supply, while maintaining a good customer experience throughout

Don Youngberg on stage at TLCC2018
bell-iconThought Leadership

Today We Made History

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Fundraising / Marketing / Ticketing & Admissions / Technology 12 min

Don Youngberg, Vice President of Community, reflects on the meaning of “history” in the business of arts and culture.

Andrew Recinos on stage at TLCC
bell-iconThought Leadership

Connecting the Dots

Arts & Culture 25 min

Andrew Recinos shares some inspiration from Tessitura Network member organizations — and encourages us to share our own

An image of Ariel trapped in the cloven pine in the RSC's augmented-reality production of Shakespeare's Tempest
bell-iconThought Leadership

Crossing Barriers to Innovate Experiences in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Arts & Culture / Museums / Orchestras / Technology / Theatre 62 min

Sarah Ellis, Royal Shakespeare Company; Luke Ritchie, Philharmonia Orchestra; and Matthew Tarr, American Museum of Natural History, speak about VR, AR, and MR at the 2018 Tessitura Learning & Community Conference

Jack Rubin on stage at TLCC2018
bell-iconThought Leadership

The Importance of Leadership

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 27 min

Tessitura Network CEO Jack Rubin shares insights learned from leaders in the Tessitura Network member community

geometric lines over a yellow and orange background
bell-iconThought Leadership

Silo Busting: Common Sense

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy 3 min

Kelsey Orion DeGreef explores how silos arise in museums and incorporates research from three disparate fields to provide insight on how to identify and prevent silos

Live presentation at TLCC2017
bell-iconThought Leadership

10 inspiring insights from women in arts and culture

Arts & Culture / Audience Development / Business Strategy / Customer Service / Marketing / Presenting & Performance 6 min

On International Women’s Day we pay tribute to the inspirational women in the field of arts and culture who work to empower artists, audiences and communities.

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