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The Culturephiles

Adventures from the business of arts and culture with Andrew Recinos

A tree overhanging a cemetery, with gravestones visible stretching down a hill
book iconThe Culturephiles

How to be a good ancestor

Arts & Culture 3 min

How a conversation with a genealogist changed how I talk with my family

Bare trees reaching up into a dim, foggy sky
book iconThe Culturephiles

When your theater is haunted...

Arts & Culture / Theatre 3 min

Getting cold chills in a warm box office

A boab tree with a very stout trunk and no leaves, seen in silhouette against a pink and orange sky. The sun is close to the horizon.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Can Dance Save a Life?

Arts & Culture 3 min

Combatting despair with dance in Western Australia

A red velvet curtain is drawn across a stage with an ornate proscenium.
book iconThe Culturephiles

Learning to Love Opera

Arts & Culture 5 min

Welcome to opera country!

An aerial view of a lush green forest, with a mist hanging in the sky overhead
book iconThe Culturephiles

Alive With Potential

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Community Engagement 5 min

Reflecting on Tessitura’s history and envisioning our next stage

A compass sits in the palm of someone's hand. A body of water is visible in the background but is blurred.
book iconThe Culturephiles

There can be only one

Arts & Culture / Business Strategy / Presenting & Performance / Theatre 4 min

How successful leaders expertly zero in on a single purpose

People entering a large room set up with rows of seats for a conference general session. The people are blurred from the movement
book iconThe Culturephiles

I see Tess people

Arts & Culture 4 min

Don Youngberg writes about his sixth sense

A large screen at a conference reading "Women of Silicon Roundabout"
book iconThe Culturephiles

Diversity, Inclusion, and Crash Test Dummies

Arts & Culture 4 min

Natalie Threlfall writes about the life-saving importance of diversity and inclusion

Two large-scale murals on the sides of buildings in Belfast
book iconThe Culturephiles

Inner Voices

Arts & Culture 4 min

Building understanding through deep engagement

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