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But first, a story...

Adventures from the business of arts and culture with Andrew Recinos

Graceland mansion as seen from the outside
book iconBut first, a story

Finding Common Ground at Graceland

Arts & Culture 6 min

Graceland remained the same, but I had changed.

book iconBut first, a story

Your Real Biography

Arts & Culture 6 min

Filling in the gap between your résumé and yourself

George Washington's Mount Vernon at sunset
book iconBut first, a story

Simple and Deep

Arts & Culture 5 min

Channeling Mister Rogers to help us develop our own professional missions

Andrew at World of Speed Museum
book iconBut first, a story

Scents and Sensibility

Arts & Culture 5 min

Sniffing out the forgotten sense

A mural at the Hollywood Transit Center in Portland, Oregon
book iconBut first, a story

How the light gets in

Arts & Culture 5 min

The role of arts and culture to provide comfort, healing, and understanding in the wake of tragedy

A black-and-white portrait of Nadia Boulanger in 1925
book iconBut first, a story

Teatime of the Soul

Arts & Culture 4 min

What Nadia Boulanger and Charles Strouse tell us about what we can each contribute to the world

Aerial view of the city of Houston inundated after Hurricane Harvey
book iconBut first, a story

A Rising Tide

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Presenting & Performance 5 min

A year after Hurricane Harvey, finding determination, collaboration and a startling new energy in Houston

Three concert programs from Carnegie Hall
book iconBut first, a story

Don't Lose the Thread

Arts & Culture 3 min

Andrew Recinos shares his personal journey from full immersion in culture, out to the wilderness, and back again

Kids jumping at the Museum of Science Boston
book iconBut first, a story

Unexpected Collaborations

Arts & Culture / Collaboration / Community Engagement / Museums 4 min

Andrew Recinos blogs about the serendipitous ideas that can arise from unexpected collaborations in arts and culture

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