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“The power, commitment, and innovation that come out TLCC will help us address how we are going to meet this next generation of audiences.”

Criss Henderson

“The power, commitment, and innovation that come out TLCC will help us address how we are going to meet this next generation of audiences.”

Criss Henderson, Chicago Shakespeare Theater

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Why You Need to Attend

TLCC offers so many ways to expand your skills. Join in hosted networking events or one-on-one meetings with staff and third party partners. Choose from over 200 dynamic sessions covering how-to's, case studies, insights, and emerging trends. Jump into the topics that you want to explore, and gain the tools and knowledge to make the most impact at your organization. The Planning Committee, consisting of Tessitura users from across the community, and Tessitura Network staff have created a schedule for everyone. A broad range of content serves all interest areas and experience levels, with an assortment of session formats that meets a variety of learning needs.

"TLCC has become what I would say is the best return on investment for our company, because we have been able to secure super users almost overnight. People come back energized. People come back with a tremendous amount of contacts that they can call up or email. And so the kinds of costs that are incurred by coming here are easily recouped."

Alfredo Garcia, Miami City Ballet

5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss TLCC

Raise Your Skillset to the Next Level You’ll learn new strategies and tools at TLCC that will strengthen your abilities and accelerate your work.

Stay Current with Today's Best Practices Technology is changing faster than ever, as are the demands of your patrons. TLCC helps you stay ahead of the curve and continue your professional development.

Find Solutions Learn the secrets of power users! Find real-world solutions to your questions, or just bring your curiosity and discover ideas you didn’t even realize you needed.

Meet Face-to-Face with the Experts It’s a rare opportunity to have this many Tessitura-powered organizations in one place. The experts aren’t just presenting on stage but are available throughout the conference to answer your questions. Year after year attendees are surprised by how open and welcoming everyone is.

Extend Your Industry Connections TLCC is a great place to learn what others in the industry are doing and how they’re doing it. There is a reason many attendees refer to the Conference as their annual summer camp!

“The Tessitura Learning & Community Conference is the best summer camp for nerds, for ticketing nerds, for software nerds, for development nerds. It’s a chance to get together and talk about the things that drive you and impassion you.”

Molly Sweets, Indiana Repertory Theatre

Convince Your Supervisor

You know you need to be at TLCC, but maybe you need some help convincing your boss. While it can be tough to calculate the return on your investment, it’s pretty easy to measure the tangible benefits of attending TLCC—and match those benefits to your organization’s needs. We have included some tips and started a letter to help you get the time and budget you need.

Your organization needs to… 

…and here’s how TLCC makes it happen

Keep up on the latest version of Tessitura

TLCC2019 will offer a host of sessions that include the latest information on Tessitura Analytics v15, TNEW v7, and future Tessitura releases. Get an idea of other session topics from TLCC2018.

Learn how others work in the field

Between hands-on workshops, real-life case studies, and conversations as you network with peers, you’ll learn how all sorts of organizations are solving problems and moving themselves forward. See which organizations attended in 2018.

Improve internal processes and workflows

Does your organization have some bottlenecks? It’s OK to admit it — we’ve all been there. TLCC is a safe place to bring current challenges and hear how others are saving time and improving their work.

Solve a current problem

Looking to make decisions based on your Tessitura data? Want to improve your online patron experience? Hoping to reach more prospects and donors? Trying to shorten wait times and lines? Looking to bundle products with tickets and admissions? Bring your organization’s puzzles and go home with a plan.

Train others

Although your entire team may want to join us, we’re guessing that everyone won’t be able to attend TLCC2019. Fortunately, speakers share slides with the Tessitura community after the conference, so you can bring your fresh knowledge back to your group. Create a plan to share all the TLCC knowledge and turn ideas into action when you return.

Know who can help when you get stuck

We live in an age of online networking, but there’s no replacement for making meaningful connections in person. Once you know Tessitura folks from around the world, you’ll have plenty of resources as you tackle tricky projects.

“I’m still having those same small conversations that I had 10 years ago when there were less than half of that number of people here. And I’m still able to connect with everyone that I wanted to come see here. I’ve had those conversations and I’ve sparked other conversations because the sessions are still so intimate.”

Kay Burnham, Segerstrom Center

OK, now let’s save your seat!

If we haven’t answered all of your questions here, don’t hesitate to get in touch: conference@tessituranetwork.com. But don’t wait too long—the price increases after June 14.

Hope to see you there!

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