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Our Story

"The community, in every way, created the company."

Tailor-Made Solution

Tessitura Network was born out of Metropolitan Opera’s frustration with its siloed ticketing and fundraising systems and a lack of better options on the horizon. In 1995 The Met’s board of trustees in New York City authorized $5 million to build an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, tailor-made for an arts and cultural organization. Chuck Reif, now Tessitura Network’s Senior Vice President of Technology, was appointed project manager for the development of Impresario (later renamed Tessitura), which became operational during the 1998–99 season.

One Unified System

Chuck Reif and his team developed a unified enterprise system that cut across all the functions of an arts and cultural organization to enable connections with prospects, donors, members, single-ticket buyers, subscribers and more. Tessitura was a solution equally strong for ticketing, fundraising, marketing, customer relationship management, data mining and web capabilities.

Tessitura Network founded
unified enterprise system
founding organizations

Seven Pioneering Organizations

Another six forward-thinking organizations saw that this system could fulfill their need for unified CRM capabilities. They met in 2001 in Santa Fe — a gathering we now call our first “conference.” Santa Fe Opera, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, San Francisco Symphony, Seattle Opera, New York City Center and Lyric Opera of Chicago joined forces with The Met. Leaders from the seven organizations shook hands, pledging to share costs and form a non-profit company to be led by Jack Rubin, now the CEO of Tessitura Network.

Metropolitan Opera

Metropolitan Opera

New York

Santa Fe Opera

Santa Fe Opera

Santa Fe

Kennedy Centre

John F Kennedy Center

Washington DC

SF Symphony

San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco

Seattle Opera

Seattle Opera


NY City Center

New York City Center

New York

Lyric Opera of Chicago

Lyric Opera of Chicago


Unique Business Model

In 2001, an important decision was made: Tessitura Network would be set up as a coop­erative model, owned by the users of Tessitura Software. A non-profit and member-owned business model would benefit users — rather than investors, shareholders or venture capitalists. We were granted not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization status by the IRS in 2003. We are proud to be owned and governed by our users.

Chuck Reif

“Our original goal was just to hammer out a way for a few arts organizations to share the software and find a way to support it. We never imagined growing like this and it’s been an amazing experience to see where we’ve come.”

Chuck Reif, Senior Vice President of Technology
Tessitura Network

Passionate Global Team

Back then it was Jack and Chuck. Now our global team has grown exponentially to 200+ talented people. An incredible 80% of our passionate, dedicated staff have worked in arts and cultural organizations – as ticketing & box office managers, development directors, marketing managers, IT specialists, digital content producers, museum curators, gallery managers, finance directors, education coordinators and more. Our innovative distributed workforce model frees us up to hire the best people in the arts and cultural industry.  Our team’s catchphrase is “live in the culture” and we really do: in and outside of our jobs, behind the scenes, in front of the house and on the stage.

Tessitura Network staff live in the culture
Tessitura Network staff live in the culture
Tessitura Network staff live in the culture

Powerful Arts & Cultural Community

In every way, the arts and cultural community created Tessitura Network. We’re proud that our seven founding organizations are still with us today and that our community influences and guides everything we do. The Tessitura Learning and Community Conference, Tessitura European Conference, Australia and New Zealand Tessitura UserConference, regional Tessitura User Group gatherings, Tessitura Center for Professional Development, Tessitura’s Innovator Series, and our dynamic online user forums and facilitate sharing of knowledge, best practices, and thought leadership amongst the global arts and cultural community.

leading arts & cultural organizations
passionate team members
focus on our mission to enable arts and cultural organizations to achieve success

Our History

2018: Tessitura Analytics

Screenshot of an interactive dashboard in Tessitura Analytics

Tessitura Analytics is released as part of Tessitura Version 15. The innovative and comprehensive analytics platform enables data exploration in an intuitive and fluid user interface.

2018: TN Express Web v7


Tessitura’s ecommerce platform, TN Express Web, releases first phase of its milestone release, Version 7, the largest release in its 9-year history. V7 introduces TNEW as a fully mobile-ready application & with much deeper design & branding capability.

2017: Tessitura v14

Resource Scheduling

Release of Tessitura v.14 includes Resource Scheduling, an exciting browser-based capability that enables venues to schedule people, places and things.

2017: TCPD

Tessitura's Center for Professional Development

Tessitura Center for Professional Development is launched. The newest Learning Resources program offers comprehensive courses in development, ticketing, and system administration to enable Tessitura users to become power users and organizations to get the best out of Tessitura.

2016: Merger with KlearSky

KearSky merger with Tessitura Network

Merger with KlearSky Solutions, LLC expands Tessitura Network's Services & Consulting team by a further 15 professionals.

2015: Renée Fleming keynote TLCC2015

Renee Fleming

World-renowned soprano Renée Fleming delivers keynote address to 1,800 arts and cultural professionals at the Tessitura Learning & Community Conference 2015 and via live stream to the world.

2015: Tessitura Roving Box Office™


Tessitura Roving Box Office™ (TRBO) tablet sales application is launched, enabling concierge-style sales points to be set up anywhere from roving in lines to pop-up box offices.

2015: 500 users of Tessitura

500 arts and cultural organizations now using Tessitura as their unified platform.

2015: First Tessitura users in Sweden

Malmo Opera

Malmö Live Konserthus, Skånes Dansteater, Malmö Stadtsteater and Malmö Opera & Musikteater form consortium and become the first Tessitura users and community members in Sweden. Tessitura Software is now being used in seven countries that span three continents. 

2014: Tessitura v.12/12.5

The biggest functional release in Tessitura Network's history introduce new capabilities across all business functions, from moves management to ease of pricing to graphical screens and more.

2014: First Tessitura user in Denmark

Royal Danish Theatre

Royal Danish Theatre becomes first Tessitura user and community member in Denmark.

2013: Tessitura On the Go™

Tessitura On The Go™ is launched, enabling business-facing access to reports, data and activity from phones and tablets.

2013: Tessitura's Innovator Series

Tessitura's Innovator Series

Launch of Tessitura’s Innovator Series, an ongoing program of inspiring talks by industry innovators to advance business insights in arts & culture, delivered by webinar and video.

2012: TN Mobile Plus™

TN Mobile Plus mobile application is released, enabling patrons of Tessitura-enabled organizations to easily browse event listings and purchase tickets on their phones. 

2011: Tessitura v.11

Next generation is released with v.11, evolving Tessitura into a services-oriented architecture that enables faster development and enhanced inter-operability.

2011: 1,000 attend TLCC2011


The Tessitura Learning & Community Conference exceeds 1,000 attendees for the first time at TLCC2011 in Orlando, Florida.

2010: Revenue Management Application

The desktop pricing analysis application, RMA is launched to complement the built-in dynamic pricing tools within Tessitura.

2008: 250 users of Tessitura

250 arts and cultural organizations now using Tessitura as their unified platform.

2008: First Tessitura user in Ireland

Abbey Theatre

Abbey Theatre becomes the first Tessitura user and community member in Ireland.

2008: First Tessitura user in NZ

New Zealand Opera

New Zealand Opera becomes the first Tessitura user and community member in New Zealand.

2008: T-Stats™

T-Stats™ data mining and analytics tool is launched, enabling exploration of data in flexible ways.

2008: PCI-DSS certification

PCI-DSS certification achieved for Tessitura Software.

2007: TN Express Web™

TN Express Web™ is launched, offering a highly affordable and very flexible expressway to website integration with Tessitura.

2006: Hosted deployment

Tessitura Network's hosted deployment model, RAMP enables organizations to outsource the server operation, maintenance and upgrades for their Tessitura software.

2005: First Tessitura user in Australia

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Symphony Orchestra becomes first Tessitura user and community member in Australia.

2005: Access control solution

N-Scan access control solution is launched, enables ease of entry, attendance tracking and enhanced service for users of Tessitura.

2005: Select Your Own Seat

Online Select Your Own Seat is launched via the Tessitura API, and Seattle Symphony is the first adopter.

2004: 100 users of Tessitura

100 arts and cultural organizations now using Tessitura as their unified platform.

2003: First Tessitura user in UK

Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre becomes the first Tessitura user and community member in the UK.

2003: Not For Profit status

Tessitura Network granted not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization status by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

2003: Consortium model

Multi-organization consortium capability becomes available, enabling multiple companies to gain efficiencies by sharing a single Tessitura system, each with configuration capability and data privacy intact.

2002: Tessitura on the Web

Houston Ballet

Houston Ballet and Lyric Opera of Chicago are the first organizations to go live with Tessitura on the Web, integrating their websites with their customer data in Tessitura.

2002: First Tessitura user in Canada

Stratford Festival

Stratford Festival becomes the first Tessitura user and community member in Canada.

2001: Tessitura Network born

Tessitura Network, Inc. is incorporated for Support, Consulting and Development.

2001: First user conference

35 users representing the six early adopters of the system meet in Santa Fe, New Mexico to brainstorm how a unique business can be formed that could operate and support the Tessitura system. 

2001: Six more adopters

Santa Fe Opera

More organizations recognize the value of an integrated system and six additional early adopters license and go live - Santa Fe Opera, John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, San Francisco Symphony, Seattle Opera, New York City Center and Lyric Opera of Chicago.

1999: Impresario at The Met Opera

New integrated system ("Impresario") implemented at Metropolitan Opera.

1995: New system for The Met Opera

Metropolitan Opera of New York

Metropolitan Opera's Board of Trustees authorizes building of a new integrated system in conjunction with a major customer service initiative.